• 1.Use of cookies

In order to ensure the correct operation of our website, to facilitate your navigation as well as to maintain the high quality of our services, we use cookies. Cookies are text files with information, which are saved on your computer by Persian Rug Planet / Persian Art server when you visit our website. In that way, our website remembers your activity and preferences for a specific time period, aiming to create personalized advertisements, to analyze the activity in our website and to use for statistical analysis used by our company to comprehend how our customers use our website. In that way you do not have to enter your preferences each time you use our website. That information is anonymous. We are unable to identify your personal identity, while only Persian Rug Planet / Persian Art and authorized personnel have access to any information derived from cookies usage.

You may check or even delete cookies from the settings of the browser that you use, according to your preferences. If you decide to deactivate cookies on our website some functionalities may get diminished.


Persian Rug Planet / Persian Art websites (www.persianrugplanet.com & www.persianart.gr) use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, with 128-bit encryption, to ensure safe electronic transactions. SSL uses data encryption methods to guarantee a safe internet connection between two devices.

  • 3.Protection of privacy data

While visiting our websites websites (www.persianrugplanet.com & www.persianart.gr), it is possible that you might get asked to enter some personal information in order for us to be able to process your orders and provide our services. The personal information entered are used solely when it comes to the transactions happening between you and Persian Rug Planet / Persian Art. You might get asked to enter the following:

  • Name
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  • Email
  • Postal code

When it comes to invoices we might also need:

  • Tax registration number
  • Tax office number
  • Business activity

The private data you enter on our e-shop websites (www.persianrugplanet.com & www.persianart.gr) are in no case revealed to third parties and are not used for any other purposes, but the completion of your purchase.

In any case access to your personal data is granted to specific authorized persons (Persian Rug Planet / Persian Art and payment affiliates) and in no case anyone who is not authorized has access to it. We have reassured that your private information is protected.

Customers have the ability to get informed or to reject any further editing of their private information at any time, in accordance to the Privacy Protection Policy and the law.

Feel free to ask, suggest or state anything you wish regarding the issues above.